Through the richness of her thick oils, dreamy compositions and stylized brushstroke, the canvases of Contemporary artists Kristen Marco masterfully translate into a colorful journey of enchantment and serenity. 

A stroll through the works of this artist gives us a sense of familiarity,a place where memories can be lost – and found. The imagery welcomes us with an open invitation to explore the joy and simplicity of daily life found in days gone by, while her strong sense of fashion and style keeps us well grounded in the present.

Born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Kristen first discovered her love for art in High School. The Validation of several awards gave her the confidence to pursue her artistic endeavors even more passionately as she headed for college. Through University program, she was selected to study Art History in Florence Italy, where she often traveled to Paris to immerse herself in the wealth of the great French Impressionists – particularly Renoir, Monet and Degas. These Masters would prove to be the foremost mentors of this self-taught artist.

Kristen’s approach to whites and shadows are an intricate part of this unique style. Although literal and true, she enhances them with a multitude of colors- carefully mixed to create tones and hues that remain true to the eye. This technique combined with her attention to detail has lead people to view her work as Impressionistic Realism.

The artist’s passion for exquisite fabrics, elaborate gowns and unique props of yesteryear has lead her to flea markets, vintage clothing stores and movie studio costume houses. Like an eccentric film Director, she meticulously creates each scene, selling up every little detail with passion and vision.






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